Self-validation and approval


     I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the longest, but when I’d start writing I would get so hung up on “perfection”.  Am I doing this right? Does this make any sense? What are people going to think of it? So, I’d just stop and say I’ll come back later to do it.  That then put me into deep thought about my life.  I did not think I was this way but for some reason I’ve been searching for approval and validation of others, after a turn of events happened in my life. It is a little upsetting to me that it has taken me some years to realize that, however it has a lot to do with things that happened in my youth on up.  The fear of looking bad to others and the fear of making mistakes period, has crippled me.

     How does one start working towards self-validation? How do you get over what others have to say or think?  Well, I am on this journey now. I’ve been realizing that you’re never going to satisfy everyone at all. Even if you were on JESUS status your entire life, someone is still going to be unhappy with you. You have to find peace within yourself with your life.  Secondly, people do not know your whole story. They don’t know everything that you’ve been through or if a mistake is made public, they aren’t aware of everything that truly occurred behind the scenes.  For me, being a perfectionist has made it where I am so much harder on myself when I mess up. Then, I start to feel horrible, when I think that another person sees me in a negative light, especially when my intentions weren’t to look that way. However, the fact that I am human and know that I am forgiven in repentance and I’m always changing is making me a happier person. I’ve been one to self-evaluate since my teens and I should be at peace that I do so.  I will overcome this and win this battle. If you’re going through something similar, I pray you will too 🙂

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