Breaking the Cycles


When something is done repetitiously, we call it a pattern or a cycle.  This often happens with our behaviors, especially negative or detrimental ones.  It can only take a few occurrences to make a behavior become habitual.  I was at a point last year, where I realized that I was on my way to creating a vicious cycle but I wanted to overcome it before I started a pattern that I may possibly be not able to turn from. Then there were other habits that I did not even recognize until I took time to reflect.


You have to figure out what serves as a catalyst for that behavior. A lot of the time habits are something that is done impulsively and without thinking.  It could be something from your past or a compilation of events and situations. Taking time to cogitate is the best start. There were a lot of things that I pushed out of my memory, or so I thought, in order to act as if it’s behind me.


First off,  you have to actually have the conviction and burning desire to want to change for yourself. We oft, try to please others and “change” but its not genuine. Do it for yourself, not to appease others. The enemy will come along and make you feel like the cycle is something that can not be broken but at the end I’ll have some verses that you can use to be encouraged. You will have thoughts like “everyone is still going to look at me as if I am the same person” or “it’s not possible to change” or “I am already too damaged, who’d want me now?”.  You can NOT worry about that, the end result is worth it and the rest will fall into place. The battle is all mental…you have the power and upper hand.


When you face and embrace the mistakes and patterns of behavior that you’ve decided to change, that is when you’re able to put it behind you. A lot of us like to justify why we do things and become comfortable in that. You have to be honest with yourself, even if it hurts. That is the only way you’d be able to actually overcome and defeat this thing. REMOVE yourself from any negative influences or anyone that will constantly throw things in your face. If someone can not accept the fact that you want to better yourself, oh well honey. Keep it pushing.


Forgive yourself and take time to heal. Also, forgive others who you were blaming for your behavior. When you are hurt you either blame every thing that ever happened to you on yourself (I used to do this) or you blame everyone else.  Either way, you will not feel freed and at peace until you forgive. When you ask of repentance, God forgives and forgets. We usually don’t forget that easily though but its ok, time heals all wounds. Surround yourself with the positive only.

Until the day that you die, you are a work in progress (sorry to be so frank about it). There will be challenges, especially depending on the length of time this cycle has been occurring but change is possible. Do not let anyone tell you any different. I know this has been said time after time, but it is true.

Here are some verses that help with overcoming sin of any kind and feel free to add any that you know in the comments:

John 8:34-36

Psalm 50:15

Romans 8:37

1Corinthians 15:57

James 4:7

Revelation 21:7

So let us start changing one bad habit at a time and encouraging others to do so also. Be blessed!


9 thoughts on “Breaking the Cycles

  1. Kaylas Mom

    When I read this this sounded like I was writing to myself…Or maybe you were writing to me. I am at this point now where something has to change and in that process I realize that change has to start with me first and forgiving people I have come across and accepting things I can not change and that has happened in the past as well.

    • We get set into a certain way of thinking that we feel like we either need to just accept it or give up. I was so lost, but once you decide that enough is enough, it’s so rewarding. I feel a lot better now, it hurts every blue moon when I think about the dumb mistakes I made or things that happened to me that were out of my control but healing is also apart of the process. Keep thinking positive!!!! I’m also glad it was thought provoking or helpful as well, love 🙂

  2. L. Long

    This is a wonderful site and a wonderful thing you are doing. Those that read it are compelled to seek change. One day at time, one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ve made great strides. Thank you for your expressions.

    Here is another scripture to add: Colossians chapter 1, verses 12 thru 14.

    Love you, be blessed.

  3. Tami Terrell

    I believe I’ve read this entry before but I wasn’t sure, so I went back and read it again. Awesome once again! I am going to be using this as a rubric to start the change of a few things in myself. I am really benefiting from your posts, B. Thank you for being so encouraging.

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