How to Love….


Ok I will admit that this blog was inspired by two things that are recent. One being Lil Wayne’s song, and another being something that we discussed at bible study a week ago. So its stated in Mark 12:31 “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Now, I grew up in church before going wayward in my early adult life, and heard this repeatedly. Not until I came back and rededicated my life this year, did I honestly grasp the magnitude of this statement. There were two new commandments mentioned in Mark 12, verse 30 tells you the other which is basically love the Lord with your spirit, mind, EVERYTHING. If no other commandments are greater than these, then this is what we really need to base our life around.

QUESTION: How can we love someone else if we don’t even know how to love ourselves? Or don’t even know what love is really? I personally think it starts with your parents or guardians, they are traditionally our first teachers and prepare us for the world the best way they know how. I always knew my mom loved me but when my parents were divorced I felt like my father did not love or care as much as he should have. That alone had an effect on my relationships and dealings with men. Instances like these cause people to harden their hearts or seek out love, even in the wrong places. Trust, compassion, genuineness and loyalty are all gone according to the world.

But….God is love and when you decide to focus on that, you become less and less like the world. When I decided that I’d take time out to fill out any void by actually focusing on loving myself, I did not know where to start honestly. First off, I did not even think I wasn’t loving myself, but it became evident in a situation or two. I then remembered that if God is love, I have to study that, meditate in that, practice that. If and when I hurt others, it was definitely never in my intentions to do so….but guess what? You’re right, if a person doesn’t love themselves and didn’t know how to show it, how could they treat the next person right? People are doing the best that they know how, majority of the time, but now its time to figure out what is the best way and the RIGHT way to love and treat others?

Align yourself up spiritually for direction, understanding and wisdom. Love one another and be a community. It shouldn’t be a reason for us to be separate, full of hate and anger and at the end of it all: hurting ourselves. Let’s LOVE ourselves and each other.

May as well add the “How to Love” link lol

“See ya had a lotta moments that didnt last forever…..”


3 thoughts on “How to Love….

  1. Desmen

    I really enjoyed this post, and the causes and effects of peoples perception of what love is. The bible gives many examples of what love is, and of course Christ is who we ought to mimic when we are truly trying to display love. 1 Corinthians 13 is also a good chapter that describes the characteristics of love.

  2. 1. If God is love and we are made in his image are we not love?

    2. St. Thomas Aquinas writes what we must be incapable of sin,evil, and malicousness and birth for reason 1. We learn these behaviors as we grow. Therefore loving is natural it is not love that we learn.

    3. If this is a behavior that we learned, then you must ask where and how did this learning begin.

    4. There is much to be learned from reading the Books of Man but there is also much to be learned from UNDERSTANDING what is written. The bible is filled with vengence, deciet, hatred, mistrust, all other things itself would deem evil. The human mind also learns subconciously and those lessons are passed to us as we conciously teach hope faith and love.

    4. Self preservation dictates you cannot love everyone. That is the strongest law of nature. You can however respect and value them which was the egyptian translation before it was converted to greek and hebrew by the historian Manetho. Do not lose yourself in words without understanding the meaning.

    5. The main thing the bible teaches, the “underlying lesson” is that love is sacrifice. Most of you won’t sacrifice the time to understand my statement, or study on your own. Most people won’t sacrifice a meal for a neighbor much less a life so how is that emulating love?

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