Unpacking and De-cluttering


So, I’ve been packing for a trip to Chicago, for a school related community volunteer event, and it made me think of how I moved a couple of months ago for school.  Now, as an army brat, I’ve always been used to packing, unpacking, packing again, unpacking again, and etc.  However, my most recent move was one that I considered symbolic to me in a sense.  When I began packing all of my belongings, I began to find so much stuff.  Some of the items were things I had forgotten about, whereas others were things I’ve been searching for and overlooking. Going through my belongings brought back memories, some good and some not so pleasant. Of course, me being the slight hoarder that I was (don’t judge me I’ve changed since 2 months ago), I packed up most of it and took it with me to my new place.

When I began to unpack, especially doing it alone, I realized that I needed to throw most of those things away. I was holding on to unnecessary stuff that was just going to clutter up my apartment. This move was simultaneous to a reflection period that I was having about life. Looking at the bags of trash and how much more room I now had, I was happier. Then, it caused me to say this is what I have to do with the mental/emotional baggage and the people/habits that aren’t conducive to my growth.  After this epiphany, I went through all of my stuff AGAIN and started giving away old, new or unused stuff and that is how I am now sharing my past experiences. Someone can use those tangible/physical items that I was holding on to, and someone can use the lessons from my experiences to help them also.

I can’t even describe how much better  I feel, now that I have begun the “de-cluttering” process. When I got rid of what I didn’t need, it made room for what I did need.  Getting rid of the old, made MORE than enough room for the new 😉

Take care,

P.S. Go throw something away, (in a trash receptacle though, I can’t stand people who litter >:-O )



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