Doesn’t mean they are happy.


“Before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine how happy are those who already possess it.” -Francois, duc de La Rouchefoucauld, moralist.

I didn’t know the young man Francois personally (lol),  but this quote makes a lot of sense. We as humans, will desire for and go after something for the wrong reasons. It even starts in childhood. I remember in elementary, this girl had this magical play-dough that had a lot of glitter in it.  All of the shapes and figures she made sparkled so.  I wanted it so badly and she didn’t want to share with me and boy was I livid!!! I felt like “Wow am I not good enough for this? I am worthy of some sparkly play-dough, if she could have it so could I”. However, I didn’t realize that this glittery play-dough would leave glitter that may last for a week on your face and hands, no matter how much you scrubbed and washed. Over the next week, the girl was upset about having it in her hair (how did she get it there, I don’t know) and face because cruel kids teased her and said she didn’t wash her face. I then realized that I was actually happy now that I did not get to play with it.

Basically, have you ever saw someone else with something or someone you think you deserve? From the outside looking in you think they’re happy and/or don’t have any issues, but that isn’t always the case. Chasing after fame, someone else’s mate, “love” and etc isn’t always right. Check your intentions and see if it’s even worth trying to “possess” certain things.  Of course, a lot of people want wealth, great health, fame, love and genuine happiness but the problem is that they are comparing it to what they THINK someone else has.  We feel like “why can’t I have that too?” or “what can I do to get that?”.   A person can be famous, but never have peace…can you deal with that? A woman may be married to the star quarterback of whatever team but he doesn’t treat her right….can you deal with that ? A person can be filthy rich but battles with chronic health issues daily….can you deal with that?

The point is, it’s just something to think about on a smaller scale like play-dough and/or on a larger scale. Go after something you truly desire for the right reasons and make sure YOU will genuinely be happy.


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