Ph.D in Life Experiences


I just finished my first semester of grad school and yesterday I sat back and thought about everything I’ve completed and learned (and for once, I’ve finished right before my bday whoop! whoop!).  It was a major adjustment for me because I had so much going on physically, mentally and spiritually but by the end of the semester I realized that I’ve grown so much.

In school, you start off getting acclimated to your new courses, teachers and classmates. You have homework or reading assignments that should be completed by a certain time and then boom, the middle of the semester is here and its time for midterms. You’re demonstrating that you have at least an inkling of comprehension of what has been covered so far and to get a good grade. Then another month or two pass and you freak out and realize that it is time for final papers and exams. Some exams are cumulative and others are on new material since the midterm. You now have to apply everything you’ve learned throughout the semester in order to pass the course (well unless u got all A’s on everything in the beginning of the course and have some leeway lol).

Basically, life is like a getting a degree. You may have that one “course” or vice that is giving you a hard time and you are unsure of how you’ll pass it. You may have a bad semester period but learn from it and do better the next. You may feel like giving up because it seems too challenging. You may be one that said “eff that I am taking a break” but then later returned to get yourself together. My view is that I’ve been tested in certain areas in life and failed. I took time to learn from it, studied how to not do it again and when I was tested once more, that was my chance to prove whether or not I truly learned and sometimes I barely passed, failed or completely aced it. Taking time out to “study” your own behavior, choices, mistakes, situations, environment, etc is vital. You can not totally move on or do better for yourself without doing so.  Life’s experiences should be used as a lessons for you and for others. Become a “professor” and teach someone else about what or what not to avoid too  :-).

I really could go a little more deeply into this BUT since it is officially my break and I am on the hunt for an internship, I will leave it at that.

Which test will you be passing successfully next?


Dear Professors,

It would be greatly appreciated and compassionate of you to have midterms before Thanksgiving break.  I want to enjoy a stress free time eating and being with my family too.

A Preemptive Thanks,


See the pure EXCITEMENT on my face to be finished?!


3 thoughts on “Ph.D in Life Experiences

  1. Jason Robinson

    preemptive thanks… HA!! that article was kinda smart. (this comment sounds kinda remedial) anyway! good analogy… Keep up the blogging… I LOVE your excited picture… and uh… keep the faith or insert another inspirational cliché of your choosing in it’s place…

    I just really wanted to comment, but didn’t have much to say so here’s more fluff…

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